2015 Edmond Cardboard Boat Regatta

The races are over. This year’s turnout was low, and it was a bit disappointing. I won the 1&2 man and team events, but there weren’t very many boats in each event, so it didn’t feel all that great. Meeting lots of new people, and chatting with some old ones from last year was really great. I’m glad people come back every year. It’s just a great crowd of spectators and participants. I’ll see you guys again next year. I’m so proud of my team. (The Mrs. & Kevin) They put in a lot of prep time for a 95 second race. The course was shortened at the last minute and required a turn around a point. This was different than years past, and my designs would have been different knowing this. My boats were not meant to turn around, but they did ok. It was a lot of fun, and everyone should enter next year. I’d also like to know if there are any other boat races within 2 hours or so of Oklahoma City.

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