This is where you can download stuff. It’s full of STL files for you to download and print. I’m going to concentrate my efforts on this page, and it’ll take a long time to organize it all. I have a LOT of stuff. This page was added to the site on 11/20/17 and updated on 1/22/18.

Much more to come once I get around to zipping it all up and taking pictures of everything.

Also, if you’re going to be designing and printing your own parts, have a look at my “Design for 3D Printing” Series that’ll save you a lot of headaches by avoiding some of the common design and printing mistakes. I’ll keep adding to that series as well.


Collar Stay Parts

Collar Stay Video

Drum Style Pole Clamp Parts

Camera Dolly v4.1

Christmas Ornament v2.0 LR


Duct Light Yoke and Mount


Propeller STL Files 12-11-17


Train Track Couplers

Juicer v2 for 3in Mug


Dremel Siren Parts – support material not required. It just gunks everything up. Just print the rotor and stator flat.

Spooly Files – Print your Spooly with the large face on the bed. No rafts or supports.

Pump STL Files

Crayon Label Slitter  See the video about my crayon melting spin art machine – picture coming soon














Archimedes Screw Fish Feeder

Windmill Parts for NEMA 17 Stepper

3D Camera Slider Parts




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