Inventions and Projects

I’ve been inventing things since I was a kid. Follow the links on the right to the various types of projects I’ve worked on. I’ve organized them based on application.

Personal – Things I’m interested in and oddities that don’t fit any other category

Industrial – Industrial efficiency and process/device improvements. Much of what I have done cannot be captured on film, so it is a rather small section.

Household – Renovations, Decorations & Improvements Around The Home

School – Projects/Assignments that were part of school or took place at school

Automotive – Creations related to cars

Commercial – This is the section I’m trying to grow.  Its only got a few life-lessons for now.  Growing this section is my goal, and I want to help others develop and market their ideas.



— Here’s a list of pages coming soon —

Completely Cardboard – A page dedicated to things made with this cheap and versatile material

Cardboard Wind Turbine – Why not?

Cubes – Decor? With Cardboard? Well, Sort of

Cardboard Sandwiches – You can’t eat these, but you might want to. (Shhh! I’ll tell you a secret about my 2014 boats…)

Office Accessories – Cardboard things that make my life easier and more organized, from my perspective, at least


Electronics & Programming Projects – Fun times with the Arduino Kit

Toy Airplane – Alex outgrew the tiny ones I made and needed something more robust

Laminar Flow Nozzles – Something I plan to build and donate to the Science Museum Oklahoma

Mobile Mobile – So the thing above Alex’s bed turns on command

Jumper/Slingshot – Like the device to help kids learn to stand, but for larger kids, and much more fun (Jumpshot?)