I haven’t done too many things that involve cars, but here are a few that I had fun with.

I’m something of an audiophile. I find speakers fascinating, and especially low end bass. I thought I’d better try my hand at subwoofer design. Each design was unique and made each client happy. I like making ported boxes for really deep bass, but it takes about 3x as long due to the numerous calculations required to achieve perfection. Below are some 3D models of the boxes I’ve built.  

8″ Sealed for S-10







This was a really interesting. My client wanted deep, yet punchy bass. I ended up creating a nested box that is the best of both worlds. The sealed box fits within the ported one. The port can be seen on the near end. This configuration also allowed either section to be removed for additional trunk space.   


The box On the right was for my 12″ Kicker L7 in my S-10. The reason for the L-shaped box was to fit around the jack kit while allowing for the necessary volume. The box profile was kept at thin as possible so the rear seat could still be used.



Christmas Truck

Front Quarter


This was an especially fun project.Every year from Thanksgiving to New Years day, my truck turned heads and made people smile.

Most of the lights were secured with Scotch Satin tap which held the lights securely and was essentially invisible.

The lower portion between the wheels was a custom aluminum L bracket that was drilled for each bulb. The lower portion of the bracket acted as a shield against road debris. The hood lights were wedged in the gap.


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