Completely Cardboard

Fairly soon, This is where you will find things made out of cardboard. I have to get some pictures and such first. Anyway, I get my cardboard at Budget Box and Bag. They sell 4×8 cardboard flat panels for way less than I paid to have smaller ones shipped in. I can also get any quantity. Service is great too! (I’m not getting paid to say this, but I would certainly accept free cardboard as a referral fee) Click on the links to the right to see some weird stuff. Yes, I’m a bit of a cardboard snob, because I don’t use cut-up boxes or anything like that. I’ve found them to be too dimensionally/structurally inconsistent, and that makes sense, doesn’t it?


TheseĀ  Pages should appear in a menu on the right below the main menu, but they aren’t for some reason. Anyone know why? All the other non-cardboard items are also appearing in the menu…

I’ll put links here for now.

Cardboard Boat 2014

Cardboard Boat 2012

Wind Turbine

Desk Shelf

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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