The links on the right will give more details about the projects listed below.

Bathroom Remodel – Leaping ahead by 50 years

Rental House Remodel – Fixing a house so it is suitable for living

Concession Stand – The perfect addition to my movie-themed rent house

Wall Decor – Fun, Colored blocks that accent an empty wall. (I have received several comments about this one, so you might want to check it out.)

Powermid – Adding outlets and storage space with artistic flair

Curtains – I always felt like somebody’s watching me

Stadium Chairs & Coke Table – Decor for an all-star baseball themed room

Playground – Exactly what it sounds like, but not as simple as it seemed

Zip Line – Something fun for all ages

Jet Engine End Table – Neat Decor for Alex’s Room

Pool Pipe РA cheap, physics-based fix for a very costly problem

I’d be glad to duplicate these projects for you or work up a custom design specially for you.


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