Concession Stand


Concession Stand Fully Stocked

I love movies and I think movie stuff makes for good decor. I decorated the living and dining room of my college rental house with movie stuff. One wall was a bit sparse, so I made the decor a bit more realistic. Several sheets of plywood, glass, and steel made quite a nice little concession stand. The left hand end has a locking door for storage of games and such. The glass front slides inside the compartment for candy access. 4 adjustable, tilted glass shelves hold the candy. 3 fluorescent lights light the candy and a rope light lights the storage compartment. Switches inside the left hand compartment control the candy and compartment lights. Dental molding provides the trim. I welded steel into a film shape for accents. A pin can also be inserted in the track to lock the glass door and prevent pigging out. (Movie posters were selected for color mostly) (Stocking it costs about $60)

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