Pool Pipe

My mom’s dream had always been a pool. She finally got it a few years ago, but it wasn’t built correctly, so final construction was stopped before it was all finished. Water had to be kept in it to prevent it from popping out of the ground, but it was leaking about 1000 gallons a day somehow. It turned out it was leaking mostly through the electrical system, which wasn’t hooked up yet. There was a pipe by the pump house that was gushing barrels a day. There was a wire coming out of it, and it was wet so finding an adequate plug or goo that would cure was going to be impossible. In a flashback to fluids class, the answer presented itself. The gushing pipe was lower than the pool! For only $2.89, we could fix the problem. I simply ran the protruding wire through a new 6’ conduit and connected the new conduit to the geyser. Problem solved. The top of the pipe was now above the waterline. It would have to disobey the laws of physics to leak now. I hope this will inspire you to think of creative ways to solve nagging problems around your home.

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