These are projects that are merely for fun, or just to see if I could. Building things is my #1 hobby, and these are some of the interesting things I have created over the years. The links on the right will provide more details about each one. They are in no specific order. Please visit often for project updates. If you have a project you’d like me to tackle, please let me know.

Cardboard Boat – More of a canoe really, built for one purpose…Winning!

Dr Plane – A radio controlled model airplane made out of Dr. Pepper cans

Tube Tank Weight – A neoprene tube, filled with lead shot to offset the positive buoyancy of alminum scuba tanks

Model Planes – Things that fly are my favorite machines, so I enjoy scale modeling. Here are some I have made

Parachutes – Various, fairly safe, exploits with parachutes

Wind Tunnel – A whole lot of trashbags and duct tape to play in

Target Stands – Cheap, collapsible stands to hold pieces of paper

Geodesics – Self supporting, extremely strong structures made to satisfy my curiosity

Paper Turbine – A VAWT made entirely out of cardstock, just to see if I could.

Potato Guns – PVC creations that blast things very far

Model Hovercraft – Possible solutions to the mousetrap car competition

Paper Airplane – A radio controlled, cardstock airplane

Estes Rockets – Models that actually fly

Pop Can Stove – A very small stove made out of… Dr Pepper cans, of course

Zipline Harnesses – So you can let go of the handles and not plummet to the ground