Coffee Stirrer Geodesic Dome & Sonobe Ball

Ok, by now it should be obvious that I’m fascinated by everything. Geodesic structures are incredible things and this is my first attempt at one. It is a 2nd degree geodesic hemisphere made of coffee stirrers and held together with floss through each of them. The more degrees the structure is, the more spherical (complicated) it gets. The thing on the right is a sonobe ball. It’s a type of origami that allows for strong, hollow structures based on triangles.



Assembling my paper geodesic dome

I got bored one night and built this. It’s made of rolled paper and taped into rods. They were then cut to length and holes were drilled in the ends. Brads were used to hold it all together. I am going to try to build a higher order one, but they are a lot more complex, and I’m not sure if I’m that bored tonight. If you’d like more information about domes, I recommend visiting desertdomes or domerama.

Daydreaming inside 3v Dome

    I built my second dome, a 3 frequency one, over a span of about a week. It was simply too complex to complete in one night. The strut lengths are essentially the same size at the 2v dome above, but you can see how much bigger it is. Essentially, the larger your dome, the higher frequency it needs to be. Given similar strut sizes, a higher frequency dome will also be larger than a lower frequency one. This 3v dome on the left is a 5/8 dome. Odd frequency domes do not split evenly or sit exactly flat at the base. My next one will  probably be made of conduit. Paper is cheap & useful for prototyping though.

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