Model Planes

Go for Launch!

I’ve been interested in aviation since I knew it was possible. I love building models of planes I’d like to eventually own and convert to airborne homes/offices. Here are some pictures of planes I’ve built.

747 During Strobe Flash


The one that was particularly fun and aggravating was adding lights to my 747-400. I figured there was more than enough space inside to house the electronics and so I began by just putting two low intensity LED’s behind the included “lenses” In each wing. It was powered by 3 AA batteries and lasted about 8 months.

Once the batteries died, I decided to make some upgrades. My plane really needed a full set of nav and strobe lights so my other planes could see it. I split the plane apart and Dremeled tunnels in the wings for the navs and strobes. It all fit quite well actually. I custom etched two circuit boards which sit inside just behind the body landing gear. One board is a flip/flop circuit for the red strobes on the top and bottom of the plane. The other board is a flasher circuit for the strobes on the wings and tail. The batteries are in the nose for balance. I also replaced the 2 low intensity landing lights with 4 high intensity ones. With all eleven LED’s going, the battery life went from 8 months to 11 hours! The nav and landing lights are always on. There is an on/off pushbutton for all lights buried in the tail and accessed by inserting a pin through the APU exhaust port in the tail. The center body panel that contains the main body gear is removable to access the electronics and batteries. I now use rechargeable batteries only and only turn it on occasionally. Here are some of my other models.

Showing Saturn Stages


CW Top Left: 747, 777, SR-71, 737, MD80, 727 on my roommate’s desk. Mine had my paint booth on it.



B1 on display in guest room


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