Pop Can Stove

This project stems from my desire to be self-sufficient. I was never a boy scout, but I’m always prepared. The only person you can really count on is yourself. You are wholly responsible for you own security, physiologically and financially. This project is more about the physiological security. It’s part of a Bug-Out-Bag. It may seem a bit paranoid, but I figure a little paranoia never hurt anyone. It’s really just an extra layer of insurance that you can use until you figure things out. I’m not a big fan of paying for insurance, but I have several types of it, because I might need it someday. I’m from Joplin MO. I wasn’t living there when the tornado hit, but oddly enough, I had just prepared a bug out bag the day before it hit. When I went to help clean up, it was obvious not many people had prepared one. You will find plenty of information online about what to put in one, and it’s ultimately up to you. I strongly suggest you get one together right now. You may need it tonight. I’ll say that my basic kit is spread over 2 large back packs. They contain enough supplies for my wife and me to get by for 3 days. One item in the bag is this stove made out of pop cans. It weighs <1oz, runs on 91% alcohol and can run for 54 min when full. It will heat a can of soup in 7 min. It provides a lot of heat and light if there is no power. It’s also just pretty neat.

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