Potato Guns

A nearly complete collection

Who doesn’t love things that go BOOM? A basic potato gun is really cheap and easy to make. I’m also fairly certain I’ve never actually shot a potato. I just happened to find a SCH20 pipe that was about 1 ¾ ID. This was a good size for golf balls! My grandpa had a ton of old balls and I would shoot them into the pasture then go get them for another try. Here are some early ones that I’ve built.

The first was the camo one, which is long since trashed. It had a removable silencer mounted on the front that didn’t really do as much as I hoped. The most powerful one was the black one in front with the 4″ chamber and 2″ barrel. this provided a nice volume ratio between the barrel and chamber. I’d always recommend a 4″ chamber to prevent pressure losses with a longer 3″ chamber. The black one on the right with the silver silencer was built for my younger brother and had the power to match. The big one on the mount was still in development at the time of this picture and never was fired. It sure looked intimidating, but I know it was a less-than-optimal design. Shorter chambers connected with a Y should be used to limit losses. Not shown was my later pneumatic one. It became my favorite due to its ability to regulate the pressure and cleanliness.

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