Zipline Harnesses

 Here are the pictures of the zipline harnesses I promised. I started with the one in the middle, but I soon needed to make one for each of the kids so they could ride in rapid succession. It really is all about throughput and efficiency. By having their own harnesses, approximately 2 minutes is saved each time they take turns riding. On the left is the one for my 5-year old nephew. It is made of 1″ tubular nylon. It has an adjustable belt with a plastic buckle. The red strap at the top is to ensure the loops that hook over the trolley handles do not spread and slip off. The older kids’ harnesses do not have this issue. The middle harness is made of 2″ webbing to support much more weight and increase rider comfort. It also has an adjustable belt that can also be adjusted vertically 2″. The newest harness on the right is the one that my oldest niece uses. I use also as a test bed for new stuff. All the yellow portions allow for a “Superman” position. The large blue pad supports the waist and the two lower yellow loops support the riders thighs. The legs are then supported in the horizontal position with two lengths of paracord attached to a 2-ring release and ripcord. When the ripcord is pulled, the rider pivots into a vertical position so he can stand up and release himself from the zipline trolley. All the yellow stuff is also removable for use as a standard harness.

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