These are all related to school somehow. The links provide more information about each one.

The Autobat – A device built to hit a baseball off a tee as far as possible for as little money and weight as possible. 1st place

Pole Dancer – A craft that ascends a pole as quickly as possibe at stops at the top without flying off the end. 1st place

Ball Grabber – A cage that retrieves tennis balls from on high. 1st place

“Racetrap Mousecar” – A mousetrap-powered car that goes far and fast. 1st place

Supermileage Shell – An streamlined fiberglass shell that covers the engine of TU’s racecar

Wooden Ferris Wheel – Made as part of the homecoming yard decoration project

The Bubble – A translucent, plastic, air-supported outdoor space

Paint Booth – So I could paint inside my dorm room without making a mess

College was great! I had many other projects going all the time, but I don’t think the web servers are big enough. Here’s a quick list of a few others:

A metal laptop tray for car like the police have (for use an an MP3 server). 

A bed-mounted shelf that bolted into the nearest posts of my roommate’s and my bed. We had a lot more storage space after that.

Various kites for competitions and personal use. One was even a balsa wing with skin and a tail. It was essentially an unpowered glider.

• An 8′ tall DNA model

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