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Here is where you will find much older things. I’m a bit of a hoarder and just have trouble getting rid of things.



10/8/13 – I’ve been so busy in the past year with the baby and jobs, I haven’t had many projects going on. Standby for rapid updates in the coming days. (Which didn’t get updated)

11/11/12 – I finished my Jet Engine End Table Project finally.

10/16/12 – My son Alex was born on this day. I’ve been very busy.

10/4/12 – I’ve been working on just a few things recently. I’ll post pictures once I have something interesting to see.

8/28/12 – I finished my second paper geodesic dome. It is a 3v version. Visit the domes page for pictures and info. I learned that I should have taken the time to figure out how to build from the bottom up. Always build a dome from the bottom up. Top down is extremely aggrivating past the 2nd layer. A full scale dome would also be extremely heavy.

8/25/12 – 9:00AM-11 :00  Cardboard Boat Regatta – My boat took First Place in the 1&2 man division, and also won Best Engineering. On a side note, I also won a drawing for a Home Depot gift card! I’ve never won any drawing in my life. It’s been a good morning. I will certainly compete again next year, but I probably won’t build for speed.

8/16/12 – I’ve been busy since my last update. The 4th Annual Edmond Cardboard Boat Regatta is next weekend, and I’ve been extremely busy getting ready for it. I also completed a simple renovation on a bathroom a few weeks ago. I will post pictures of the boat on the personal projects page once the competition is over. (I don’t want any industrial espionage)

6/25/12 – My new site is live! I would like to thank Mike Johnson of Tulsa Web Designs for all his help. He provided excellent, friendly service at a reasonable rate. You can visit his site for more information. Thanks Mike! Today is also the last day for my billboard. I will sure miss it. Thanks to all who saw it and contacted me about something.

6/20/12 – I am working on changing the format of the site to make it cleaner. I have also gotten some interest in the wall decor project. I will give you all the details about any of my projects if you’d like. Of course, I would be happy to make something again, especially for you.

6/19/12 – My outrageous marketing strategy went live today, and it’s been crazy.

6/14/12 – I have noticed that most retail stores could boost their revenue with less than an hour of employee training. I’m not exactly going to divulge the simple secret here, though. All I will say is that I have been working on training workbooks to go along with a class that would help any retail store employee sell more and provide customers with a richer experience.

6/12/12 – I started building my first cardboard boat, which is really just a canoe. It is just a proof of concept to see if I can do it. It looks like I can. The Edmond Cardboard Boat Regatta is in August, and I’m planning on entering for the first time. I also planning on winning it, keeping with my long tradition of winning. I need to varnish it to make it seaworthy. I plan on conducting the first water test this Saturday. I will have pictures posted soon.

6/4/12 – I have worked on a few additional harnesses for the zipline. You can see the pictures on the bottom of the personal page. I also have been designing a new “ride” for the backyard. I will post pictures as soon as I have something to show.

5/28/12 – I have decided to get a bit creative with my job hunt. If you found this website, you probably know what I mean.

5/24/12 – I have spent time working on zipline harnesses and making small upgrades to it. I have to keep innovating because I am bored with just holding on and riding down. My nieces and nephew each have their own harness now because I don’t trust them to be able to hang on. Individual harnesses also allow for higher rider throughput. I will post pictures soon of all the different harnesses and upgrades I have made. I have also been looking for a “real” job again.

4/27/12 – I graduated with my MBA, 4.0, Summa Cum Laude and was inducted into the Mu Delta Mu honor society. The pre-graduation awards ceremony was really nice, but graduation was way too long. I’m really going to miss school though. I liked the people and I learned a lot. I’m also going to miss it for the fact that I now have to really start generating some income, and need to start paying off the loans.

4/24/12 – In-Laws zip line installed and working.

4/8/12 – Easter Sunday. Watching cooking channel. I just had another idea for a product. Gotta go!

4/4/12 – Swing set done. Pictures will be posted on the household projects page soon.

3/28/12 – I get to start assembling a swing set for my nieces over at the in-laws. I love putting things together. I love designing&building better, but this is still really fun. The ground slopes a lot so I plan to use mason’s lines to establish level footings. The ones on the high side will be about 9″ below ground, while the low side ones will be at ground level.

3/16/12 – Saturn V, from Ebay this time, arrived. This thing is going to be huge (30.25″). I try to order all my models in 144 scale so I can directly compare their sizes. My B-1 is 1:48, so I guess my military models will be 1:48. This also helps since military planes, especially fighters, are much smaller than airliners. I’ve seen a 144 F-16 and it’s ridiculously small compared to the 747. It’s not much of a visual marvel, but would be a great escort for a VC-25 🙂

3/8/12 – My Saturn V model arrived today, but Amazon sent me a Space Shuttle instead. I’m not a big fan of the shuttle. Luckily, the Saturn V is not returnable for some reason, so I got a full refund = free shuttle! I might as well put it together. It can’t hurt.

3/2/12 – It feels like spring is officially here. I’m feeling especially inventive, I’ll be looking for many outdoor projects to work on. I get this way every spring and fall. I’d rather be flying, but I haven’t found a reasonably priced place to rent from. My flight obsession is now about spaceflight through the Apollo program. I have purchased a 1:144 Saturn V model to build. That should be fun.

2/15/12 – I had a new idea for a useful product during my floor renovation last month. I’ve been tweaking the prototype into something that is extremely user friendly and attractive.

2/6/12 – Working on getting a Co-invention marketed.

1/27/12 – Renovation Finished. Exactly 3 weeks. 50% more work was added than originally planned.

1/10/12 – I’ve started a new renovation today. It will involve tearing up old carpet and tile, putting new tile everywhere, and removing old wall paper. It should take 2-3 weeks.

1/5/12 – Since my last update, I’ve been working on Van Tharp’s Peak Performance Home Study Course. It teaches trading psychology and mastery of one’s inner self. I believe understanding yourself is extremely important. I also highly admire those who can consistently earn money in the markets. I’m trying to become a great trader so that I can manage my own retirement and investment accounts and ensure my family’s security.

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